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Our accreditation


ISTD- The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’s mission “Established in 1904, with a mission to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms; today the Society strives to advance excellence in dance teaching and education. We promote knowledge in each specialty and provide up-to-date techniques in the ever-changing world of dance. We work hard to maintain and improve teaching standards in schools, academies and performing arts settings across the world.” 

 At 5678 performing arts school we hold ISTD’s mission at the heart of our school and strive to provide up to date, fun educational classes to all pupils. 

The benefits of dance- Dance benefits all ages from 2-100 years old, in adding with physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of their life. Dance gets your body moving and pumping blood around your body, to music which can produce endorphins that improve mood. Our classes help children meet new people and hopefully make friends, as well as learning a new skill. Physically dancing can improve posture, muscle strength, bones as well as improving cognitive performance. All these qualities helps develop all children and adult to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Why is ISTD necessary? 

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing provides us with a syllabus of exercises in different grades to develop their skill step by step in a safe yet fun environment. Once they have learnt the dance material they can do exams to go up to the next grade, which aids them to overcome pressure in safe environment and build their confidence. Once they get up to level 6 and above they will receive UCAS points which they can use to get into their desired university, in whatever degree or diploma they wish to do. 

ISTD provide yearly modern, tap and ballet awards, which are competition for people studying ISTD syllabus’s which allows some students another opportunity to perform/ compete to represent the school.

The ISTD also guide their teachers, including the dance school on the changing restrictions within the dance industry at the moment due to Coronavirus to keep everyone safe and healthy to prevent the spread.

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